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Index to all layouts on

There are currently three layout articles on this site:

       My Standard Gauge layout.
       Miles Butler's dream Hirail O Gauge layout.
       Two action Packed Marx Layouts

If you would like to share pictures of your layout with others, I will post them here on If you built it, it's probally interesting. Your layout can be any size, and have any amount of detail. Your layout doesn't have to be huge or fantastic, your layout only needs to be an OO, O, S, or Standard Gauge layout. Send me an email about your layout by clicking here. Please do not email me pictures. I have a special account to receive pictures by email or by FTP. I will give you the addresses when you write me. If you don't have a digital camera, you can mail them to me, and I will scan the pictures and send them back to you by mail. Of course, I will pay postage both ways.

I am working on adding a section called Profiles. The profiles section will feature interviews of all the people whose layouts are featured on Train99, and every other train collector who has written an article or provided trains for photographing.

I will be adding new layout articles frequently, check the What's New On Train99 page or visit this page for a complete up to date listing.

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Terry Gibbs
Sept. 16, 2000.