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Links to other Toy Train Sites.

I will add links to almost any toy train site. The only ones I will not link to are sites that say under construction or are just a list of items for sale on ebay. Unless there are comments after the site name, I haven't rated these sites. I have just placed links to them for your use. Comments after the site name are my opinions of the site.
If you find a bad link in the list please send me an email by clicking here.
If you have a website or would like to recommend a site send me an email by clicking here.
When sending email to me please DO NOT delete or alter the subject if one is automatically inserted because I use the subject to sort the 50 to 125 emails I get a day.

Note: These links are in the order I added them. There is NO other significance to their order.

National Clubs:

The Train Collectors Association. (TCA)

The Toy Train Operating Society. (TTOS)

Lionel Operating Train Society. (LOTS)

Lionel Collectors Club of America. (LCCA)

National Model Railroading Association. (NMRA)

Internet Auction Sites:


Information Sites:
Send me your favorite site and I'll add it to the list.

Model Railroad News
Monthly Newsletter full of Product Reviews. Offering a 3 Month Trial subscription to the printed version for FREE- Just fill out the form. Great information. Well worth a few minutes to fill out the form.

The Ives Train Society's Website.
Lots of pictures and history about Ives Trains. Run by Dave McEntarfer who is very helpful with questions about Ives trains.

A great site with lots of pictures of old Ives and American Flyer trains.

Marx Tin
A great site filled with pictures of old Marx trains and toys. A lot of rare stuff to see including some handmade samples.

Online Toy Trains
Brad Kaplan's growing toy train site.

The Turkey's 00 Gauge page.
Pictures of 00 gauge trains.

Post war Lionel Trains.
A Site devoted to Postwar Lionel Trains. Lots of pictures and information.

Colin's Classical Toy Train Pictures
Pictures and history of old Toy Trains- mostly European. Pictures change frequently.

George's Large Scale Tips.
Lots of great well written information about building backyard railroads.

Model railroad tips, tricks and techniques

Toy Trains
A Site About Old And Antique Tin Toy Trains. Mostly European but neat old stuff anyway.

Huge Website specializing in links to Train- Real and Toy- information on the web. You could spend days checking out all the different stuff.

Toy Train Revue On-line
A site for collectors from TM books and Video. Articles about what's going on in the toy train collecting community.

Robert's Lionel Trains Layout
Building A Miniature Dream Railroad Empire.

Lionel Trains Horizontal Rules
Lots of Gifs of Lionel Catalog art you can use to spruce up your website.

The North American Hornby Society.
Dedicated to collectors of Hornby O gauge and Hornby-Dublo gauge trains and accessories. Has links to Hornby sites around the world.

Coil Couplers of America
Information about Lionel's Train Master Command Control System.

Houston Tinplate Operators Society Website
O Gauge Operating club. Great information.

Paul York's S Gauge Site
S Gauge information

Gadsden-Pacific Toy Train Operating Museum
Tucson AZ. club. A great bunch of guys. Also sell O gauge Ore cars as Fundraisers for their museum.

Train Doc
Hard to describe this site. Mostly information about real trains. Still worth a few minutes.

Layout Design Special Interest Group
Great site with lots of articles about layout building. A Fantastic Resource.

Hornby Dublo 2-Rail Trains
List of Hornby Dublo trains and related products from the late 1950s to 1964 and a photo gallery.

All Toy Train Association
Nice pictures of different sized toy trains on a layout.

Plasticville Collectors Association.
Information about Bachmann's Plasticville buildings.

The Hot Box
NMRA division Newsletter. Has articles about building projects, pictures of layouts and more, Mostly HO stuff but still relevant.

HiRailers Unlimited
3 rail O scale information.

East Penn Traction
1/4 inch scale (0 gauge) Traction and Trolley site. Great Resource. Hundreds of links to other trolley sites.

Tinplate Trackers
Tinplate Trains Module standards.

Greg's Train Cam
Every few seconds a new picture of his layout is uploaded. Viewers can choose cameras and in the future will even be able to run the trains. An ambitious project.

Steven Saunders' Lionel Super O layout. Great writing, a humorous look at his railroad. Steven fits my dad's motto of "if you take yourself serious you have a serious problem." NO Problems Here!

Shiffy's Site
American Flyer 3/16ths O gauge trains. Dogs too.

William Eric McFadden's Marx trains
Great Photography of Marx trains.

Wayne's Trains
Neat S gauge and O gauge stuff.

Manufacturer's Sites:
If you are thinking about buying a new toy train, don't forget to check the Train99 New Products Review Board to find out what other owners like and dislike about their new train. After you buy a new train let us know what you think about it.

Lionel Trains

Mike's Train House

K Line Trains

Marklin Trains

LGB Trains

Marx Trains

Atlas O Gauge

3rd Rail / Sunset Models

Smaller Manufacturer's Sites:

Jensen Steam Engines
This company has been making toy steam engines for 60 years. A nice site with pictures of lots of old engines.

Steel Toys
Manufacturer of Steel items- Catenary systems, bridges, Stations and more.

Joseph L. Mania Toy Train Reproductions.
Makes reproductions of the early 2 7/8 gauge Lionel Trains .

Lee's Trains
Maker of 3 rail O gauge track without a visible center rail. Check it out it's different!

MI trains
Software for inventoring your train collection.

Sites selling new and used toy trains:
I am not making any recommendations about doing business with these sites. This information is provided solely for your convenience. However, if you have problems with any of these companies let me know; and I will delete the link. You can also post your bad experiences with these people on the Train99 General Topics Discussion Board.

Hobby World
Find hobby shops in your area.

Simply Trains
UK Site with lots of activity. All gauges.
Site with Postwar Lionel Trains for sale.

Tom Martin's Site
Mostly trains for sale, with some layout photo's mixed in. Worth a visit.


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