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Lionel 2020 Steam Turbine 1946-49

Lionel 2020 steam trubine

The 2020 is an o27 version of the 671 steam turbine. The only difference between a 671 and a 2020 is the number on the side. Lionel only sold 027 locos in sets, while the 0 gauge locos were available separately.

The 2020 always came with the derivative of the 2666T plastic tender. The tender number depending on the year could be 2466W, 2020W or 6020W. The turbine always had a whistle tender.

Lionel 2020 turbine

The earliest versions of the 2020 had double worm gear drive and smoke bulbs. Later 2020 locos had single worm gear drive and heater element smoke units.

The 2020 smoke bulb assembly is shown below:

Lionel 2020 smoke bulb

Collectors prefer the earlier smoke bulb versions of both the 2020 and the 671, but the later versions run better. The 027 turbine did not receive Magnetraction and was discontinued in 1949.

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