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Lionel 2458 Boxcar 1945-48

Lionel 2458 boxcar

The 2458 boxcar is a carry over from the prewar 2758 boxcar. In fact in 1945, the 2458 number appeared only on the box. The car was still lettered as a 2758.

The earliest 2458 boxcars came with whirley wheels and flying shoe trucks. See Lionel 2452 Gondola for information on early postwar trucks.

There are no variations of this car. It’s all metal and a good looking car, so still has some desirability to operators.

Note: The ends of the 2758 and 2458 boxcar are diecast metal. This metal sometimes degrades. So when considering one for purchase make sure the ends are sound. These cars are common enough that there is no reason to buy one in poor condition.

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