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Prewar Lionel Trains Screen Saver.

Features Photographs Of 17 Rare and Desirable Lionel Prewar Locomotives.
Installs in less than one minute.
Works with Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 and XP.

Easy point and click pop up screens allows you to choose from 248 different transition effects. You can have the screen saver make collages on your computer of the rarest and most desirable trains Lionel ever made. You can change the image size from large full screen images to smaller sizes that look great in the collage mode. Have the computer center the images or randomly scatter them about you monitor. The Train99 Lionel prewar train engines screen saver is fully compatible with Windows and will do anything your current screen saver does. Install the screens saver on your computer at work and maybe one of your fellow employees will sell you their trains.

Works Inside Windows JUST Like The Screen Savers Microsoft Includes.

Set the timer so the screen saver automatically starts when you want it to. Password prevents unwanted viewing of your files. I gave a copy of the screen saver to a friend who installed it at his office, three days later I bought a set of trains from one of his coworkers because they saw the screen saver in operation and mentioned they had old trains.

The Screen Saver Contains Pictures Of These 17 Rare and Desirable Prewar Lionel Locomotives

Lionel Prewar Locos The 4U Build-A-Loco.
Lionel's only O gauge Build-A-Loco. Originally sold in kit form, this engine was designed to teach boys about electricity. These engines didn't sell well and few survived. Made in 1928 and 1929 only.

The Stephan Girard Green 9E Electric Engine.
This engine was available in this color only in Lionel set number 364E. The set contained three Stephan Girard passenger cars, and was offered from 1931 to 1933.

The State Brown 10E Locomotive.
Made in this color only for Macy's Department stores. This engine headed a special set with three matching passenger cars, and is the rarest color of this prewar locomotive. Less than 10 examples survive.

The 1100 Mickey Mouse Handcar.
This little windup is not very rare but is a favorite of Lionel and Mickey Mouse enthusiasts so is included. Lionel sold over a 100,000 of these between 1934 and 1937. Because of the fragile nature of the composition figures these are usually found broken.

The 1651E Lionel-Ives Locomotive.
This is the only engine to have both the Lionel and the Ives name on it. After Lionel's purchase of the bankrupt Ives, Lionel used the Ives name on a series of inexpensive low quality trains. This engine was made in 1933.

The Large Eight Wheeled 1912 Locomotive.
This was the largest standard gauge engine made between 1910 and 1912. These are very difficult to find in collector condition. The 1912 was replaced by the common round cab 42 locomotive in 1913.

The 203 Armored Locomotive.
This little O gauge beauty was Lionel's attempt to capitalize on the War fever associated with World War 1. Lionel advertised this under the headline "Play War." Unfortunately, many boys did play war and most of these little engines were destroyed in the heat of battle.

The 227 Semi-Scale Switcher.
This engine is by no account rare, just desirable. The Pennsy B6 switcher was Lionel's second offering to the O scale market. This version had fewer details than the full scale 701E, but is still a favorite of collectors and operators. Made from 1939 to 1941.

The 238E Pennsylvania Torpedo.
This engine is not rare either. It is just a great looking engine. Made from 1939 to 1942.

The 256 Twin Motored Locomotive.
Lionel's only prewar double-motored O gauge engine. This engine also has the distinction of being the largest O gauge engine. Made from 1924 through 1930.

The 260E Steam Engine.
Lionel's first O gauge steam engine. Manufactured from 1930 to 1935, the classic lines of this engine make it a favorite of collectors.

The 265E Commodore Vanderbilt Locomotive.
This engine headed the famous Blue Streak passenger set. Made from 1936 to 1938.

The 381E Bi-Polar Locomotive.
This engine was Lionel's largest standard gauge engine. This is the most desirable standard gauge classic period engine, and headed the famous "State Set" from 1929 to 1935.

The Two-Tone Green 390E.
This very rare color variation of the 390 was probably made in 1933. This is an uncataloged color, and may have been specially made for a department store.

The 400E Blue Comet Engine.
This engine headed the famous Blue Comet set from 1931 to 1939. This nickel-trimmed version has painted boiler bands and dates from the very end of standard gauge production.

The 700E Scale Hudson Locomotive.
Lionel's first scale locomotive. This engine is an extremely accurate model of the New York Central's famous Hudson Locomotives. Lionel was so proud of this engine they included a walnut display board for it to rest on. Made from 1937 to 1942.

The 703 locomotive.
This was Lionel's first O gauge locomotive. Less than 20 of these engines survive today. Made in 1915 and 1916.

This screen saver is free.
Complete download and installation instructions can be found at:
Free Toy Train Screen Saver Download Page.

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