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How To Get A Constant Stream Of People To Sell You Their Old Toy Trains.

me and some of my toy trainsHi,
   My name is Terry Gibbs. I buy and sell collectible toys and trains for a living. My father and I first became organized collector/dealers almost 30 years ago. We would buy everything we could find and keep only the best for our collection. You can see items from our collection here on

   When my father and I started building our train collection 35 years ago we built it the way everyone did. We went out and bought trains, then kept what we wanted, and sold the rest. Everyone used to do this. Unfortunately today many collectors believe that they cannot find trains. Maybe you have tried a simple classified ad in the newspaper and were disappointed, or spent a few weekends driving around looking at yard sales with no luck. Luck is not good enough. You need a system to find the trains. With my system you will make train owners call you and offer you their trains.

You Can't Rely on Blind Luck

   It used to be you could go to swap meets, flea markets and yard sales and you would find trains. Basically, you could just drive around on Saturday mornings and buy trains. You can't do that anymore. Sure if you go out enough you will be lucky and find some trains. But luck is not something you can count on. So if you want to buy trains, you need to figure out how to get train owners to call you.

A System Is The Only Way To Get Consistent Results

Buyers examining some of the trains my father and I took to a show in California.

   Years ago I figured out that if I wanted to continue buying trains from the public I needed to find new ways to get them. I needed a system to make the phone ring with ready sellers offering their old toy trains. With trial and error I learned what works and what doesn't. My system was born.

   A system is something that once it is started, runs itself. Like any system, you will need to monitor it and adjust it to keep the system running smoothly, but having a system is the ONLY way to get consistent results.

   I developed my strategies so I didn't have to rely on blind luck at yard sales. Using a system is actually easier than driving around blindly. You don't have to get up in the early on the weekends, people call you every day of the week. I get calls almost every day, and buy a few train sets every week.

   You can do this. My system will have sellers calling you to sell you their trains. My simple easy to implement strategies will have your phone ringing within days. I guarantee it!

   My strategies will provide you with a constant stream of anxious sellers. Not only will you get my strategies to make your phone ring, but I have included my methods of getting people to sell their trains. I buy over 90 percent of the stuff I look at. So will you. You won't have to worry about the competition beating you to the trains, because with a few simple words you can assure people wait for you to look at their trains before selling. Youíll learn to get the seller to take your offer without shopping for higher offers. I will show you step by step how to get the train owner to believe your offer is the absolute most anyone will pay. They will be happy to sell to you. Anxiously happy.

   Because I want you to be successful with my system, I have provided you with everything you need to get started on the right path. I guarantee it.

Special Bonus

Special Bonus the first fifty buyers will receive a free ad critique

   I want you to succeed with my system. I know it will work for you and to assure it will work, I will personally help you get started.

   For a limited time, I will critique one of your ads. In my critique, I will show you how to dramatically increase the response to your advertisement. This FREE CRITIQUE offer is only available for a limited time.

     If you can see this you will get an ad critique. I will remove this bonus without notice, so act NOW. Complete instructions for the ad critique are on the Critque.doc page in the Marketing Tool kit folder.

   Why run around in a blind search when you can do something else and wait for your telephone to call with someone offering you their trains?

This System Is So POWERFUL, People Will Dig trains Out of Their Closets And Attics, Then Beg You To Buy Them.

   Would you like to get a call every day? How about a few calls a day? With my easy to use system you will generate a constant stream of calls.

  • Imagine buying a boxed Lionel 746 long striper steamer set for $235.00 and then when you get it home discovering it is an even rarer Department store special set.
  • Picture yourself bringing home and setting up an Ives or American Flyer standard gauge train that was packed away for 35 years. I like to sit and read the old newspapers the trains were wrapped in. Sometimes it is interesting reading and the papers come along with the trains.
  • Can you see your self pulling a dusty train set out of an elderly woman's attic because she is too wobbly to go up the ladder herself and discovering a boxed 1950 Lionel 773 Hudson?
  • How about filling the back of a pickup truck with trains and having to go back for another load? Or even renting a U haul truck to cart off the trains?
  •    All of the events listed above have happened to me within the last few years as a direct result of my strategies. You can learn to find and buy toy trains like I do. I guarantee it!

       Now, maybe you are thinking my strategies are just common sense. They are simple methods I developed to make my phone ring. That's the brilliancy of my system. The strategies are so simple anyone can do them. I have a hard time doing anything that's complicated for long. Why be difficult and have some over-complicated time consuming mess to deal with?

       The whole idea is to make the phone ring and allow me to do other things. A system should run itself with little oversight. Don't confuse complication for effectiveness. There is only one way to determine how well my system works and that is to see the stuff I buy.

       Some of my strategies are so powerful they amaze even me. A simple thing I do that costs less than 3.00 per month causes me to buy twice as many toys and trains when I use it than when I don't. Need I say now I always use it?

       I will show you how to get into the sorting rooms of thrift stores. No more shopping with the rest of the people hoping to see the trains first. With my simple method the thrift stores will call you when trains come in.

    Along With My Strategies Manual You'll Also Get My Marketing Toolkit.

       I gathered up all the different marketing pieces I have used over the years and bound them together in The Marketing Toolkit. This book contains the ads and marketing materials I use to find trains. These are the actual pieces I use to make my phone ring with anxious sellers. You can use them as is, or modify them to suit your needs.

       The Marketing Tool Kit has dozens of effective ads and letters I developed over the past 23 years. It also has voice mail scripts, the complete text of the letters I use to get into the sorting rooms of thrift stores, signs, flyers- everything I use to get people to call me and sell me their trains. If you have ever paid a graphic artist to put together an ad you know this resource alone is worth the cost of my system.

    me and some of my trains

       Don't confuse this with the other crap you see on the internet about how to make money on eBay or how to get rich over night. You're not going to get rich doing this but you will find trains for your collection and if you work at it you can make a good living.

       That is what I do for a living. I go into people's homes and buy their trains and toys. You can do this also.

    Does this work with things other than toy trains?

        Yes and no. All the ads and marketing items in the marketing tool kit are for trains and toys. They are the actual items I use. You can modify them to fit your needs for other types of collectibles or use them as models to create your own marketing.

    Start Buying Trains For Your Collection Today.

    Here's A Recap Of Everything Included In My System

    Quick Start Guide

         Instructions for getting calls now. Step by step checklist to get you started in the most efficient way. If you are already buying antiques and collectibles regularly this guide will help you double your purchases fast. This is an e-book readable on any computer.

    How To Get A Constant Stream Of People To Sell You Their Antiques and Collectibles. 67 Strategies To Make Your Phone Ring With Anxious Sellers.      The Big Strategies Manual. Every one of the 67 strategies explained in simple terms so you can easily implement them. One of these strategies doubled my purchases overnight for only $3.00. The meat of the system. This is an e-book readable on any computer.

    Marketing ToolKit      I took all the different ads and marketing materials I use and put them together in one folder for easy reference. The Marketing ToolKit contains ads and letters you can use as is or as models when creating your own materials.

         The Marketing ToolKit also contains a voice mail script, the complete text of the letters I use to get into the sorting rooms of thrift stores, signs, flyers- EVERYTHING I use to get people to call me and sell me their trains. You can use your FREE Ad Consultation to modify one of these ads. Note: These are MS Word Documents. You need Microsoft Word to use the materials in the Marketing ToolKit.

    Bonus FREE Ad Critique and Consultation For a limited time, I will critique one of your ads. In my critique, I will show you how to dramatically increase the response to your advertisement. This FREE CRITIQUE offer is only available for a limited time.If you can see this, you will get a critique. Use your critique to modify one of the ads in the Marketing ToolKit or as a consultation to get help with one of your own strategies. Complete instructions are in the MKT folder under the name critique.doc.

    Get Started Now For Only $79.97.

    This System Will Pay For Itself With Only One or Two Train Purchases.

    These Materials Are E-Books. After paying with your credit card, you will download the books and view them on your computer. These are PDF files and work on any computer. You'll need Adobe Acrobat reader to veiw the books, but you can download that free. There is a link on the download page to the Adobe website.

       You can pay with any Credit Card and Download the book instantly. No waiting. Use the link below to pay. A charge for 79.97 will appear on your credit card under the name "CLICKBANK/KEYNETICS."

       After you pay, you will be taken to a page with complete instructions for down loading and viewing the materials. Due to the size of the print quality materials included in the Marketing ToolKit, it may take 5-8 minutes to download the materials with a dial up modem.

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    My Guarantee

    †††If you are not satisfied with my system for any reason just let me know within 60 days and I will refund your money. It is that simple. I am sure my system will work for you, but if for some reason you cannot make a go of this simple information, just send me an e-mail and I will refund the purchase price in full.

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