Author Topic: Trains on Floor and Christmas Layouts  (Read 156 times)


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Under the topic of 820 Green boxcars, there is a link to the TCA site that shows some wonderful B/W vintage 1915 or so pictures of trains running on a parlor floor on oriental type rugs. Trains on oriental rugs has always been a favorite vintage image for me. This is how many sets were run in the old days, at least at Christmas time.
When we moved to tight quarters while building a house, I set up a small layout in a garage with a dining and drum table, pushed together, covered with oriental type rugs and connected with an AF wood bridge. It was just a simple loop with siding, but gives the impression of a vintage set-up. The most worn of the rugs has been in our family for as long as I can remember, as it was in the entry of my Grandmother's house when I went over to walk her Schnauzer.
This would be a good place for others to post photos of vintage family layouts, Christmas and other temporary floor layouts.
The layout pictured is not on the floor, but on tables, however gives the same feeling.