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March 3, 2003

       Unfortunately, not much. I have been busy for the past year- time flies- with my new project: This is the site I built to share my collectible buying and selling strategies. The site is full of information to help you build a collection by buying trains and other collectibles from the public. Back in April 2002, I hired a production company, and filmed a video about selling on eBay. During the two hour tape I explain every detail important to selling on eBay. Rather than telling you all about the eBay video and the iwantcollectibles website here, why not just follow the link below and check it out for yourself? I think you'll be happy you did.

       For Train99, I have hundreds of photos of Lionel Prewar to add to the encyclopedia- all of the Lionel OO production is done- I still need pictures of the unassembled kit cars and I have never even seen a 001K Hudson. If you have any of these items please drop me an e-mail My e-mail address is at bottom of every page on this site.

       I have also taken photos of most of the Lionel small freight cars made between 1925 and 1942. The four wheel 803 series and the 651, 2651 eight wheel cars. I will add the pages to the site sometime in the future.

       The indexes desperately need updating. There are articles and photo collections of a wide range of items that have not been added to the index. It will take me quite some time of looking through the back-up disks to find out what needs indexing. See below for a few articles I know are not in the indexes.

Links to New Articles

        There is a new article in the Finds section.

        In the Layouts section there are two new layouts.

        This month's Monthly Oddity article features a rare variation. Lionel's 152 crossing gate in WHITE..

Older items without links on the index page.

        In the How To section there is a new article explaining how to convert Lionel postwar bumpers to constant voltage. This way you can park a train on a siding and still have the bumper's light on.

        In the Encyclopedia of Toy Trains there are a few new articles. I have added a page about Russian O gauge trains from the late 1950's. Another new article in the encyclopedia is about the Leland-Detroit company and its famous monorails. If you have never seen one of these sets you will be amazed by the quality. It is also a great story about what can be accomplished by an old man.

       I have decided to abandon the discussion boards. There wasn't much discussion going on and I don't have the skills to maintain the software. As I add new pages to the site, I will leave out the links to the discussion boards. Use the links to the TCA and Standard gauge lists if you want to participate in discussions with other toy train fans. If you have questions about toy trains try the Yahoo groups.

       There are quite a few groups, for space reasons I will only list the two I subscribe to here. For general toy train information The Train Collectors Association moderates the toytrains group. You do not need to belong to the TCA to participate. A Moderated group for Standard or Wide Gauge trains running on 2 and 1/4 inch track is the

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March 3, 2003

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